We're with you from the start

Getting a new puppy is one of the most exciting times in your life and here at Ted's we guarantee we'll be almost as excited as you.


Our puppy day care service gives you great peace of mind that your new best friend will be looked after at times you can't. 


If your puppy is left alone for excessive periods of time they can easily become bored or depressed. This in itself can lead to a whole host of issues and behavioural problems.


By breaking their day up with fun visits, cleaning up any little accidents and ensuring they have the food, water and companionship they need your pup will be much happier and well rounded.


Your pup's brain is like a sponge so this is a really important time in their development. After their final vaccinations we'll introduce them to all sorts of sights and sounds in the outside world whilst replicating any training you may be doing.


We're here to help - offering advice when you need it. There are lots of questions you may have so feel free to ask as many as you like. You may not be sure which is the best puppy for you? Where to source your new best friend? What needs to be done to prepare for the arrival of your puppy and what to expect when it arrives?


The more you know the better prepared you will be to help your new puppy settle in and start it on a long, healthy and happy life for both of you.


Before your new puppy arrives we can come to see you at your home and offer some practical hints and tips and then be on hand every step of the way as and when you need it. 








E - ted@teds.dog
T - 0113 3143222
M - 07759 147580


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