We believe that owning and maintaining a happy pet should be simple. 


Before committing to a pet, we believe that consideration should be made to the amount of time, space, finances and experience required. We encourage all new pet owners to complete thorough research and make a truly considered decision.


At Ted's Petcare we believe that every pet should be looked after responsibly. They should receive the right diet, exercise, training, environment, love and attention. 


A well looked after pet is generally a happy pet...and that typically means a happy owner.


Pet's don't need to cost the earth and we cannot emphasise enough the importance of maintaining a strong healthcare routine including any immunisations and worming needed as well as insuring your pet wherever possible.


We have a host of partners that can provide information and guidance on pet nutrition, healthcare and insurance. In addition, Ted's Petcare customers are able to take advantage of a range of exclusive offers.

Our Philosophy








E - ted@teds.dog
T - 0113 3143222
M - 07759 147580


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