Dog walking for all!!

At Ted's we believe that every dog can enjoy a great walk where they get exactly what they need. 


During our consultation we'll find out exactly what makes your dog tick. What they like, what they don't like. Are they social with other dogs, children and people? Do they prefer road walks, parks or woodland? Can they be let off lead?


We take the time to work with our customers to build a full profile of their dog so each walk is tailored to suit your dog's age, size, health and breed.


Different owners have different commands for their dogs and we take the time to learn these so we can reinforce the training they get at home. 


So whether your dog enjoys a run in the park chasing a ball in the company of others, needs more individual attention or help socialising we will work with you to achieve your goals - the result being a happy, healthy and well adjusted friend.


Each walk lasts for the time that you pay for. We don't take time off for collecting your dog or dropping them off.


Your dog will be left towel dried, we'll fill up their water, feed them if you need and we're trained to administer any vetenary prescribed medication you request.








E -
T - 0113 3143222
M - 07759 147580


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